Breast Cancer Survivors Celebrate Body Positivity and Self Love With Boudoir Photos


On September 30th, seven women traveled to Gainesville, Florida and met at Mirrored Images Boudoir studio. The women were strangers all connected by one thread: being breast cancer survivors. The shoot, called Sparkle and Celebrate Pink, was put on by Jenn Hyman, owner and photographer at Mirrored Images. Previously an emergency room nurse, she has bonded with cancer patients in the past and wanted to find a way to help them using her photography. She designed the shoot to help survivors restore their self-confidence and embrace their bodies—including their scars. The shoot had makeup artists and hair stylists spend the day with the women, getting them ready, taking gorgeous, bold pictures, and bonding and sharing their stories.

Further Reading

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Discussion Question

What is a flaw or scar of yours that you try to hide or that makes you less confident? Brainstorm ideas on how you could twist your insecurity into love.

Action Item

Sometimes recovery is just as strenuous as the battle. Do you know any cancer survivors? Consider how they could still be recovering and dealing with their wounds. Try to think of one thing you could do to celebrate their victory and remind them that it’s worth it.


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