Brett Kavanaugh Will Not Teach at Harvard Next Spring


Since 2009, Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh has taught a course at Harvard University called “The Supreme Court Since 2005.” This week, the dean of Harvard Law School, John F. Manning, confirmed that the recently appointed Judge Kavanaugh can no longer commit to teaching the course this upcoming spring, so the class will not be offered. Earlier this month, hundreds of Harvard students walked out of their classes to protest their university’s silence regarding the Kavanaugh controversy and demonstrate solidarity with the victims of sexual assault. It is not clear whether the class’s cancellation was due to his new obligations to the Supreme Court or the investigation into sexual assault allegations against him.

Action Item

In your school or workplace community, look into the official policies regarding sexual assault and harassment. It’s important to be aware of the policies in place so you can educate yourself and others, as well as to determine if there is room for change within those structures.


In your experiences at school, has the administration addressed issues related to sexual misconduct? If so, what actions were effective?

Further Reading

Take a look at the comments made by Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz, who said that he was “particularly furious” that Kavanaugh would not be teaching his class in the spring.


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