Brilliant Women Are Overlooked, Times UK Reports


In an alarming studying conducted by the Times UK, researchers found that people are more likely to recommend a male counterpart for a job when asked to think of a recommendation. This, the study finds, is due to the fact that women have been socially stigmatized as knowing less and holding familial roles. “Could it be that one reason that women are underrepresented in fields where people think brilliance is required, is that other people don’t see brilliance in them?” said Andrei Cimpian, of New York University. Researchers from the Times suggest that reason women are not labeled as often as men with being a “genius” or an “intelligent individual” because of innate association of men with a more esteemed intellect.

For Further Reading

To read more statistics about women’s intellect see this research.

Discussion Question

How can we change our everyday conversations to help more women be recognized for their intellect?

Action Item

Empower your friends! Send them love and light this finals season, let them know how powerful and intelligent they are.

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