Bulgaria Holds Highest Number of Women in Tech Fields


According to Eurostat, one of the poorest countries in the world holds the highest number of women in information and communication technology. Across Europe, the average percentage of women in the tech workforce is around 17.2. Bulgaria, though, is striving to become a technology center of the world and holds the highest average at 26.5 percent. Despite gender differences, Bulgarians have historically centered their lives around work which made women and men equally responsible for bringing home an income. This mentality has continued over time and pushed Bulgaria to #1 on the list of most women in tech, with the U.S. close behind.


For Further Reading:

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Discussion Question:

How can the U.S. reform its education system to help it become #1 on the list of most women in tech?


Action Item:

The conversation regarding female presence in various workforces is constantly stifled. Bring the subject to the table with male friends to educate them on these new advances!




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