Business Women Running for Office to Change Leadership Barriers


With the rise of the #MeToo initiative and a cut throat mentality swirling through women in their careers, political leadership was a natural step in the women’s empowerment movement. According to Forbes, experts are calling this election season the midterm of the woman. Particularly, business women hold experience in leadership with training in things like diverse inclusion tactics and workplace gender barriers that give them a leg up in social and political debate.The recent supreme court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh and continuous backlash from the female community to the U.S. president’s heinous rhetoric about women gave women an angle in the current midterm elections that many business women capitalized upon. Current nominees for congress are being noted as some of the most diverse nominations in U.S. history, reporting a 42 percent increase of female representative in a span of  just two years. Business women are taking their leadership skills to the next level by using their experience to better the crumbling government our nation currently stands up. From both ends of the political spectrum, women are taking the political sphere by storm and are consistently keeping up with their male counterparts. This new wave of women from the business sector to politics could change the course of history for the better.

For Further Reading:

Read the specific women running for office in this article.


Discussion Question:

How can young women do more to support their local politicians in the off-season? What do we do when no one is looking to keep this change going?


Action Item:

Get out today and vote! Make history!


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