Busting the Career Woman Myth


The subconscious pressures of the career women inhibits a psychological barrier for some women because of its negative connotations. These “negative” connotations of childless, middle-aged working women were instituted by the patriarchal work economy that regard working women as unable or “too busy” to hold a family or a relationship. This myth was debunked in the article after offering a number of ways to combat the pressures in the workplace felt by women everywhere. Waiting for the right time to start a family does not mean a women is incapable of doing so, it is just a female power society was not ready for.

For Further Reading:

Read on about the psychology of gender barriers here.


Discussion Question:

What other ways could we refer to working woman as instead of a “career woman?”


Action Item:

Hold a meeting with peers  to discuss how women can encourage each other out of these subconscious pressures.


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