Can Quotas Help Combat Women's Underrepresentation in U.S. Government?


During this election season, many revolutionary women were elected to the House. However, these women only make up one quarter of the entire population in Congress. This inequality contributes to a major problem in our country: the underrepresentation or misrepresentation of female voices in our government. This is largely different in other countries like Canada or Sweden, where there are quotas set in place to ensure an equal divide between men and women. People have speculated that establishing a quota may be the answer to resolving gender equity for female politicians in the U.S., but some are critical of this idea, believing that representation in the House is largely dependent on whoever is in charge to begin with.

For Further Reading

Click here to watch a video of Justin Trudeau speaking about why he decided to place quotas on female cabinet members.  


Discussion Question

Would establishing quotas be unconstitutional? How will these women be elected?  


Action Item

Write down three countries with diverse politics and gender parity. What are some things you can learn about how they are helping women succeed?


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