Canada Hosts Landmark Summit for Foreign Female Ministers


Last week, Canada hosted its first summit meeting of female ministers made specifically to prioritize female rights issues on an international scale. This meeting was meant to generate concrete ways to improve the lives of women globally. Issues such as gender-based violence and diversity were the center of discussion as thirty women with diplomatic ties to large countries tried to find solutions to these issues. While the summit has largely receive positive attention, there has been some backlash from officials who paint the word ‘feminist’ in politics with a negative connotation. Nevertheless, this summit was clearly an opportunity for women to come together and find solutions to a consistent issue in politics—women’s rights.

For Further Reading:

To learn more about how countries have progressed on women’s rights issues, read more about the U.S National Action Plan on Women, Peace, and Security. This policy, signed by Barack Obama as an executive order in 2011, specifically states the goals undertaken by the U.S to achieve lasting peace that will empower women.

Discussion Question:

When was the last time you resolved an issue through careful discussion? What are the key aspects to a successful and cooperative deliberation? What do you hope to see as a result going forward from this summit?

Action Item:

Within your own circle of friends, discuss women’s rights issues that have been prevalent in your community and try to think of concrete solutions. Local issues could include not having enough women in your science club or sexist bullies treating women unfairly. Learning how to handle local issues can give you a better understanding of world issues happening right now.  

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