Canada’s Feminist Foreign Policy Struggles To Bring Gender Equality Progress


Following the implementation of the Feminist International Assistance Policy, Canada has promised to apply a gender-equal approach to the areas they encompass: empowerment of women, climate change, inclusivity in government, and national peace. In a recent story by the National Post, it is reported that many of these promises have proved empty and many of these goals are being seen as a “branding exercise.” However, some argue that laying out a large plan to focus on gender equality cannot happen in under a year. Many aspects of the Canadian government must adapt and change their policies according to FIAP, which could take a remarkable amount of time.

For Further Reading:

To read more about the Feminist International Assistance Policy, click here for the actual document.


Discussion Question:

How do you think Canada can actually implement its plan in a way that garners equality?


Action Item:

If you’re a feminist, you may have a plan of action on how you’re accessing change in your community. For this week, write an outline of your plan and make notes of where you can improve.



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