Canadian Transgender Nesting Doll Teaches Kids About Gender Identity


A Canadian nonprofit, Gender Creative Kids Canada, is launching a transgender nesting doll to get kids and parents talking about gender issues to stop transphobia before it develops in future generations. His name is Sam and each level of his 6 nesting dolls shows a different step of his transitional journey. The doll is accompanied by an animated Facebook video that has already received over a million views in two weeks. The toy seeks to stop transphobia in families before it starts by changing attitudes while children are still young. Many young trans people are born into environments that either do not understand or accept their identity. Attempts such as this to help people learn about their struggles in a positive space will hopefully help families be more accepting in the future.

For Further Reading

Take a look and potentially support the project’s Kickstarter page.

Discussion Question

What other steps might foster more conversation about trans issues?


Action Item

How clued in are you on transgender terminology, such as misgendering or transphobia? Take the time to educate yourself with these handy resources to be a better ally for transgender people in your community.

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