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Candy is Sweet, a Lack of Reproductive Rights is Not

Both sides of the political spectrum miss the fact that sex is fun- and reproductive rights should be seen that way too. I noticed a few months ago that common contraceptives resemble candy in some ways. Perhaps if contraceptives were seen in the same light-hearted manner as candy, there wouldn’t be stigma, debate, or denial with regard to obtaining them or protesting against laws that limit access to them. 


I just asked him if he knew about the mermaids. Specifically, the mermaid in Irish poet Nuala Ni Dhomhnaill’s “Mermaid in the Hospital,” a mermaid who wakes up to find her tail gone, replaced with “two long, cold thingammies.” . She doesn’t understand her new, working legs because they are not her: “But here's the thing/she still doesn't get— ... How she was connected/to those two thingammies/and how they were connected/to her.”

Mainstream retailers such as Urban Outfitters and Free People have recently started to sell sex toys online, placing them under the “wellness” category. As women’s sexual pleasure and sexual health have long been ignored, rebranding sex toys as an important part of a woman’s overall wellness is a step towards dismantling stigmas around women’s sexuality.