Charity Holloway Starts Plus-Sized Dance Group


Charity Holloway, 33, of Charlotte, North Carolina has always loved dancing, but the dance world has not always loved her. As a teen, she was told she could not dance because she was “too fat” and spent much of her teenage years depressed, struggling with her self-image and the concept of self-love. Eventually, she realized that she was mentally unhealthy and decided to strive to be a healthier person overall, not a thinner person. She returned to dance. Since, Charity has become founder and choreographer of a plus-size dance group, 4Thirty-Two, and has reconnected with her body and loves it as it is. Currently, the group has 18 members and has traveled everywhere from Italy to China to perform. They hope to spread the global message that being a larger woman does not necessarily make you unhealthy.

For Further Reading

Check out 4Thirty-Two’s official website to see what these badass ladies are up to now.


Discussion Question

As a society, we are uncomfortable with larger bodied people participating in physically alluring activities, including dance. Why do you think that is?


Action Item

A smaller body isn’t necessarily healthy, while a larger body is not necessarily unhealthy. We, as a society, make comments feeding into such stereotypes every day. Next time you make or hear a comment feeding into that ongoing commentary, say something. Change the conversation.


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