Blac Chyna Promotes Skin Lightening Cream


Blac Chyna was recently offered a lucrative deal promoting a cream called, Whitenicious X Blac Chyna Diamond Illuminating & Lightening Cream, and has thrown her full support behind the product. Chyna is currently in Nigeria promoting the product with business partner and Nigerian-Cameroonian entertainer Denica, despite rumors that Chyna has never used the cream herself. While Chyna and Denica claim the product is compliant with FDA regulations, many similar products have been banned in African countries because they contain hydroquinone, a harmful chemical that stops the productions of melanin. As such, people are not happy. Nigerian singer Burna Boy and Nigerian-American beauty influencer Jackie Aina voiced their outrage at the product and have spoken out against Chyna’s pop-up shop coming to Nigeria, urging people to ignore the harmful messages these kinds of products promote and to embrace their blackness.

For Further Reading

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Discussion Question

In the current movement towards equality, why do you think big influencers, such as Blac Chyna, are still promoting and supporting such harmful products?


Action Item

Instead of supporting influencers with harmful messaging like this, support those that are doing good work! Check out awesome POC Beauty YouTubers like Farah Hukai, Destiny Godley, or Shaneice Parkin.


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