Chinese Education Tycoon Apologizes for Sexist Remarks


Yu Minhong, the billionaire founder of the English-learning and SAT prep company New Oriental, has apologized for making sexist remarks at a recent conference. In the viral video he says, “Chinese women pick men based on their ability to make money and don’t care if they are good people. Chinese women’s depravity has led to the fall of the country.” He later clarified, “If women have only money in their eyes, men will try everything to make money and forget about nourishing their souls.” His comments were met with backlash across the internet, as many criticized the education tycoon for disregarding the role of men in childcare and education. Following the controversy, Yu visited the All-China Women’s Federation to apologize, saying “I did not understand that both genders should do their parts for their family and the society.”

For Further Reading

This is not the first time that Chinese representatives have demonstrated sexism. See this article about why the Communist Party wants to suppress the #MeToo movement in China.


Discussion Question

Do you think Yu Minhong should take any further action within his education company to amend his sexist comments after issuing his apology?


Action Item

Learn more about the feminist movement in China here.


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