Cinenova: The Preservation of Feminist History


A merger of two women’s film organizations dating back to 1979, Cinenova was founded in 1991. Cinenova is a UK based feminist film and video distributor that creates a space for both queer activism and sexual and identity politics on film. The feminist collective’s mission is to “collect and distribute film and video by women, and to preserve it.” Oftentimes, Cinenova will have the only existing copy of a work and sometimes those works can be in poor conditions needed to be restored. The work of this organization focuses on expanding the access to film and video production, production, and exhibition. As Cinenova stated in a 2017 article, they are passionate in debating the following question:  “How can an under funded organizations stand against the replication of exploitative working models?”


For Further Reading:

If you want to explore more impactful stories through film, take a look at these thirteen feminist documentaries on Netflix.


Discussion Question:

How can we as individuals promote and support local organizations in order to preserve history?


Action Item:

Take the time this weekend to explore any female-based collectives/small business in your area and pay them a visit! After all, community starts with you!




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