City Contracts Gravitating Towards Women-Owned Businesses


According to The Columbus Dispatch, the city’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion reported increases in the city’s investment in women-run businesses. As of 2017, the city saw the highest rate of contracted companies with women as their heads in recent history. The department is said to be working closely with local businesses to focus on implementing diversity training, but some groups are questioning how much change these tactics are bringing about. The city’s certification helps brands market on a regional level while also supporting them through business contracts. The diversity team hopes to see a steady increase over the next decade to keep improving gender inclusivity and close the gender gap within business leaders.

For Further Reading

To read more about inclusivity tactics, read this article from Bloomberg.

Discussion Question

Why do you think some minority business owners are hesitating to sign contracts with cities?

Action Item

Reach out to your minority-run business and see what you can do to help market their brand.

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