Color Outside the Lines

Never perfect — always genuine
— Unknown
Photo by  Aaron Burden  on  Unsplash

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Live life without coloring inside the lines. That’s right- color outside the lines. That’s where creativity lies.

Try rebelling against the things society sets up as the norms you must follow. Dream about living a life surrounded by colors that don't exist ... except in your dreams. Live life on your own terms. Go wild for a while.

We live in a society that constantly tests our sense of self-worth. We share a society that requires of you if you’re ...

A woman- You’ve got to be a size zero

A man- You’ve got to have bulging biceps

Married- You’ve got to have 2.3 perfect blond-and-blue children

A blonde- You must be dumb

Stuck wearing glasses- You're must be smart, maybe even a nerd

Loaded with money- You must be happy

Struggling to pay your bills- Your entire life must be in shambles

That’s life today.

Photo by @girlpowermagazine on Instagram

Photo by @girlpowermagazine on Instagram

But since when – and why – did our self-worth become based upon big- time stereotypes that are imposed on us by small-minded people? Who put them in charge of determining our social and societal norms? Who elected them the arbiters of our lives?

In order to color outside the lines of life, you first have to learn to straddle those lines. To break out of the box you’re in, you first have to break some rules. You have to be a rebel- without breaking criminal laws, of course. You should let yourself live on the edge, even if just a little.

Rules are made for people who don’t know what to do. If you know what to do, then the rules aren’t made for you – at least not all of them. Some rules make sense – like “cross only on red” – but for most of those other rules- the ones society imposes on us- not so much.

Me? I read the rules before I break them. I acknowledge those rules are there generally for a reason, though that might not be my reason. Then I take a deep breath and come up with an action plan. However, once I’ve got that plan, I make no promises on what happens next.

The thing is ... no matter how much we tell ourselves we’ve got all the answers, the truth is, no one really knows what to do. We weren’t born into this world with an instruction manual guiding us on how to go about our days. So, when it comes to society’s rules, it’s not really about right and wrong. It’s about living – or just existing.

You may think you’re due your three-score-and-ten, but life makes no promises, especially when it comes to tomorrow. You’re here today, so live a little people. I promise that if you always follow all the rules, you will also miss all the fun. Every time.

Who wants to do that? Not me. No thank you.

Photo by @nonairbrushedme on Instagram

Photo by @nonairbrushedme on Instagram

Life has taught me that rules are meant to be broken because, among other things, there are no guaranteed outcomes. You could follow all the rules and still get screwed by life – or you might break all of society’s most cherished rules and have a grand old time. That is why, if you are going to write a set of rules, you also need to – at the same time – write a set of consequences for what happens to rule-breakers when those rules are challenged, let alone when they are broken.

Rules are made to be broken.

If a rule is not meant to be broken, why do we write a consequence for when the rule is, in fact, broken? This is when straddling the line comes into place. Straddling the line, then sometimes crossing it. If a rule isnʼt supposed to be broken, consequences should never be made ... but they are, so I say break rules and make life a little more interesting for yourself ‒ then deal with the consequences. 

What is the point of creating rules in the first place then, if you’re not going to have consequences? The definition of a rule is “a regulation governing a particular activity.”

The most important rules are those imposed by people with ultimate power and authority, and breaking those rules have consequences. “Thou shalt not commit murder” has more serious consequences than “thou shalt not jaywalk when there’s no traffic around” or “thou shalt not wear white after Labor Day.”

When it comes to breaking society’s rules – which, as I noted a moment ago, isn’t the same thing as breaking society’s laws – those who want to live by coloring outside the lines choose to break those rules, just because we can. Just because we should.

Breaking those unwritten rules is how you learn. That’s how you have fun. That’s how you experience life that’s at least somewhat on the wild side.

Creativity is the key to living a fulfilled life. It's key to living a life that is not ordinary, but extraordinary – a life that surprises you, day in and day out. To have the creativity to think outside the box and to problem solve when you're in a rut. “Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence,” Osho said, and it’s the damned truth.

To be creative is to go wild. It’s to be free, to live on your terms, in your mind and out in the universe. So maybe instead of thinking outside the box, we should think about what we can do with the box.

Photo by @bowanddrape on Instagram

Photo by @bowanddrape on Instagram

Pure logic gets you from Point A to Point B, but we don’t just want to get to Point B, we want to go all the way. When you push logic to the side and use that imagination you have been blessed with, you are not just going to get to Point B, and not even just to Point Z – imagination will take you everywhere, “to infinity and beyond!”

Imagination will take you anywhere you want to go, and to places, you never even dreamed of. If you want to go to a place that has unicorns, one where the streets are made of rainbows and the buildings are made out of chocolate, then, by all means, go there. Use your imagination to get you there.

Remember when you were a little kid? Back when you routinely colored outside the lines? When you ignored the lines entirely and used the entire sheet of paper for your colorful creations? When you finished your creative masterpiece and mom displayed it on the refrigerator for all to see?

That was fun, but when did we stop doing that? And why did we stop?

We stopped when we tried perfecting creativity, which is perhaps the ultimate contradiction. Or we stopped when others told us we were breaking the rules – that the lines were there for a reason. That’s when we started coloring inside the lines when we started conforming. That’s when we started to follow the rules because that ’s what we were supposed to do. That’s when we started to be boring. Lame. Predictable.

Today, you’re lame. I’m lame. We all are lame. Our reactions are predictable. And it’s our own damn fault.

Now that I’ve finally put that heretical idea out there, let’s fix it. Let’s be kids again. Let’s be creative. Let’s do the things we actually want to do, even if – or perhaps, especially if – we think it could be a bad idea. Let’s stop being so frickin’ lame!

We have more knowledge now than we did back then. We know the difference between society’s unwritten rules and society’s unbreakable laws. So join me as I spend every day trying to learn from little kid Alexa, to use the brains and experience I have as adult Alexa to create the best damn version of Alexa possible.

You do it too!

Mix the creative part of that little kid living within you with the best of the adult you ... color outside the lines for a change, because you want to, because you choose to, and ... BAM ... there you have it. There’s the best version of you.

World domination can be in your grasp if you just be you, do you, and color outside the lines a little more.

Alexa Glazer is just a girl- an ordinary girl with an extraordinary dream.  She is a 25-year-old girl who is on the road to living out her dream of having passionate endeavors and mind-blowing experiences. She's all about life changes and bold moves. She dances it out in the kitchen, shakes her booty when she's feeling moody and is whole heartedly livin' the dream ...