Artists' Statement: This project is meant to point to women in history while cementing them around us. In so doing, I hope to remove the boundaries of the historical figure by making them as fluid and resilient as the sky or sea or the natural world at large. However, it is important to note that these sculptures do not represent womanhood in its entirety. But, their presence as women of power, intellect, mysticism, grace, history, prophecy, etc. allows them to collide with modernity in a way that evokes change and strength, and in a way that has altered and will continue to alter the very landscape of our society.  

Artist: Olivia Jimenez

Olivia Jimenez is twenty years old from Miami, Florida. She is a student at Georgetown University where she is studying English and Psychology with a minor in Film and Media Studies. In her free time, you can find her watching The Office, thinking about house plants, or searching for a chocolate chip cookie. She is excited to join the Make Muse team to develop her feminism and artistic expression while contributing to a necessary and beautiful space.