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Connecting With Real Beauty and the Female Spirit


This poem uses every word as an opportunity to speak from my heart. I believe in self discovery and the magic of the Female Spirit. These lines are written for any spirit it connects with, beyond their exteriors. Self-love, Self-empowerment, Self-revolution- That’s REAL BEAUTY.

Golden Goddess

Golden Goddess-

that is what I A M .

Weaving through

realms of discovery,

I am growing S T R O N G E R 

than a man.




   w e t.

Words drooling off them,

until they're

M E T  

with the Suns rays - 

la lunas  t e a r s 

let me guide them, let me heal them,

I have found magic in R E V E A L I N G ones true nature.

Manifesting love beyond a humans measure-

I am<bound> to giving myself


I love.

I lead.

I inspire.

Because I am a Golden Goddess,

Basking in the Earths glow,

Blossoming & transferring a

F E R V E N T 


into a self discovering flow. +


Author: Stormie Baker

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