Deck the Halls with Body Positivity


Santa Claus is a plus size man with a diet of cookies and milk yet nobody pressures him to change his diet or body size. Where’s the kind of body positivity for women? During the holiday season, there is a huge increase in body shaming and diet culture due to the amount of eating that is emphasized. As a culture, we acknowledge that eating is a central part of many holiday festivities. Many people are, however, overly conscious. Body dysmorphia and restrictive eating habits are just as mentally damaging as the guilt of overeating; overall, holiday eating habits can trigger people who struggle with eating disordered behavior. As we approach the holidays, phycologists advise people to be mindful that they aren’t participating in fad diets or cleanses and to practice mindful eating in moderation.  The most important thing this holiday season is checking in with yourself and your habits, and making yourself a priority.

For Further Reading

Does your loved one suffer from disordered eating? Check out an article on how you can help them during the holidays.

Discussion Question

Why do you believe the holidays have such a strong relationship with food? What do you think the effect is? Consider and discuss.


Action Item

Next time you find yourself about to comment about how much or how fast someone ate, hold your tongue. Insecurities about eating are common, and you never know when your words could be triggering.


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