Deepika Vyas: Pro-Melanin Skincare as the Standard


Deepika Vyas, co-founder of Avya Skincare, is set on making pro-melanin skincare the standard in the beauty industry instead of a passing trend. The brand’s mission is to expand global knowledge on skin diversity by helping consumers and retailers understand how different levels of melanin play a role in skincare. Currently, Avya Skincare is the leader for this all-inclusive approach to skincare. Vyas, of Indian descent, was raised in Kenya, and has struggled with finding a skincare system compatible with her skin’s needs for her entire life. With the knowledge that women of color have more melanin than Caucasian women (who most brands are targeting and testing on), Vyas formulated a powerful blend of peony flower turmeric and neem to address the different ways skin with more melanin ages.

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With such an immense number of beauty products on the market, why do you think there are still so few options for women of color to choose from when it comes to skincare?


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