Detroit Women Gather For ‘Slutwalk’ March


70 women gathered in Palmer Park for the Detroit Slutwalk on September 22 to bring awareness to sexual and domestic violence. Dressing in stereotypically provocative clothing and bearing slogans, they aimed to take back the word ‘slut’ and combat the concept that women’s clothing is the reason for assault. This theme within the anti-rape movement was triggered by a comment from a Toronto police officer in 2011 that women should “avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.” This is the second time the Detroit Slutwalk has taken place, and the lead organizer, Anna Krol, hopes to make it an annual event. Volunteer organizers worked with non-profit Metro-Detroit Political Action Network to take part in the wave of consent marches across the United States and Canada. In adding physical faces to the consent conversation, the demonstrators bring both awareness to their cause and a sense of community for victims and campaigners alike.

For Further Reading:

Share or contribute to the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund to help empower and financially aid victims of sexual assault.

Discussion Question:

Would you ever taken part in a public demonstration such as this one? What factors, if any, would hold you back from doing so? How can you address those factors?


Action Item:

Look for potential events coming up in your area – most major cities host women’s marches at least once a year. If it’s possible for you to attend, lock the next one into your calendar to show solidarity with women everywhere.



Read more on Detroit News | Image: Anthony Lanzilote, The Detroit News