Diane von Furstenberg Says No to Fur and Animal Skins in 2019


Diane von Furstenberg, the New York-based luxury brand celebrated for its signature wrap dress, announced this week that it will drop fur from its lineup. The company’s decision to ditch fur, angora, and exotic skins comes at a key moment for ethical fashion, as Burberry, Gucci, Armani, and Versace have all announced their own plans to forgo the material. In a statement released by CEO Sandra Campos on October 3, the brand stated that it is “time for us to make this change and accept responsibility to ensure that we don’t promote killing animals for the sake of fashion.” After the policy goes into effect in 2019, DVF—whose brand message was already deeply entwined with female empowerment— will turn its attention toward textile innovation, and continue to maximize ethical and sustainable practices.

Further Reading

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Discussion Question

As mentioned above, several European brands have already created policies against using fur. Do you think DVF’s decision will encourage other American-based companies to follow suit?

Action Item

Do some research on the fur industry and learn about the benefits of ditching animal skins.

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