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Do You Think We’re Too Close?

Do You Think We’re Too Close?


Last week I had a very interesting interaction with my two roommates. We were each in separate rooms in varying stages of undress and dysfunction – one girl asking a question while standing in her bedroom sans pants, another girl perched on the toilet offering her answer, and still another voicing her concerns from the kitchen through a mouthful of M&M’s.

Dear reader, you will respond to this scene in one of two ways: what the f*ck,or sounds about right.

If you’re leaning towards the first option, I urge you to reevaluate the level of authenticity in your friendships. But if you side with the latter, welcome to my home. In my time spent living in an asylum apartment with several other women, I have learned that true female friendship is often exhibited by behavior that might warrant arrest if committed in public. We like to stay updated on each other’s personal lives about as much as we feel obligated to hear about each other’s bowel movements. I like to think that our male friends would be disgusted to learn how we actually live – “what do you mean your flatulence doesn’t smell like roses?!”

I think it’s time we all get over ourselves and be a little more gross. Because friendship means comfort, and comfort means not apologizing for how you look when you’re truly comfortable. This comic is a lighthearted look at the sweet mundanities of feminine friendship.


By Maddie Rizzo.


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