Domestic Violence Support Groups Open Up For Male And LGBTQ+ Victims


The conversation around domestic violence and sexual assault has become far more open in the last few years, yet there is still a stigma surrounding violence involving men or LGBTQ+ people. Run by Children's Inn, an emergency shelter for women and children, the domestic violence support group is starting sessions for these marginalized victims. The groups will be from six to 12 participants. Each person will have the opportunity to participate individually ahead of the session in order to pinpoint what major issues and discussion points should be focused on. Topics could include overcoming gender roles and stereotypes, the dynamics of domestic violence, the cycle of abuse, characteristics of an unhealthy relationship and more. The widening of inclusion for such resources lessens the stigma of sexual violence still further and creating a more intersectional space for all feminists.

For Further Reading

To find out more of the details surrounding domestic violence, take a look at these resources from Women’s Aid.


Discussion Question

How can we go further in breaking down the stigma around domestic violence?


Action Item

Discover how you can actively do more to help those around you who might be victims or volunteer your services to help strangers in other areas.

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