Donna Strickland Breaks Boundaries with Nobel Prize


As only the third woman in history to receive a Nobel prize, Donna Strickland yearns for more woman, like herself, to earn the honor. Strickland’s initial reaction to finding out she was only the third woman in history to receive the award left her dumbfounded and sparked a conversation about women’s underrepresentation. She told Now Toronto that she did not put her gender into account when following her dreams and stuck to her work ethic and drive while doing rigorous research. According to the article, women are paving a path for young women in a number of fields but are not being acknowledged for their hard work and determination. The belief that older generations must mentor and guide more young women in their fields is important to Strickland and her work.

Discussion Question

Why do you believe there is a barrier to acknowledging women’s accomplishments? What explanations can you think of for the underrepresentation of women as Nobel Prizewinners?

Further Reading

Read more about Strickland's work with young women here.

Action Item

Reach out to local women’s awards committees to learn more about donations or any involvement they might need!

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