Dr. Bradford and Therapy for Black Girls


In 2014, Dr. Bradford, a licensed psychologist from Georgia, created a platform that normalizes the talk around mental health struggles for black millennial girls. Therapy for Black Girls is a blog, podcast, and social media community where women can overcome the stigmas surrounding mental health and find reliable resources specifically targeted toward them. With a national therapist directory listing mental health providers for black women nationwide, the platform has become a safe space for girls all over the country. In an age where African-Americans are 20% more likely to face psychological distress, Dr. Bradford is changing the face of mental health for the black community and helping girls become the healthiest and best versions of themselves.

For Further Reading:

Therapy for Black girls is more than just a blog— it is a community where black girls come together and share their struggles. If you want to know more about the work that Therapy for Black Girls has done, you can check out its website here.

Discussion Question:

Do you think there is a connection between racial injustice and mental health struggles? If so, why?


Action Item:

You can become a mental health advocate through NAMI. Find out how you can easily get involved to change the stigma around mental health here.


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