Dr. Jessica Zucker Talks Masturbation After a Miscarriage


Los Angeles-based psychologist Jessica Zucker recently addressed the taboo of masturbation for women who have experienced a miscarriage, through a conversation with 14 women from all over the world. The women interviewed by Zucker shared their struggles in re-learning how to love their bodies and their reproductive organs after the trauma of a pregnancy loss. In many of the stories reported, women explained how the event caused a loss of trust in themselves and their own bodies. They also shared a lack of interest in self-pleasure. According to Zucker, who started the #ihadamiscarriage campaign, masturbating can be a powerful and healing way for those who have experienced miscarriages to get back in touch with their bodies and learn how to love themselves again.

For Further Reading:

If you don’t know much about the reality of miscarriages, here you can read more about misconceptions and facts about them.


Discussion Question:

Were you ever taught about miscarriages in Sex Ed class? Do you think miscarriage is a taboo in our society?


Action Item:

Women who have experienced miscarriages often don’t get to share their experiences. You can follow @ihadamiscarriage on Instagram to give your support to women sharing their miscarriage experiences and helping end the stigma surrounding it.


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