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Dr. Joshua Klein and the Impact of Exercise on Fertility


Dr Joshua Klein, a chief medical officer and reproductive endocrinologist at Expect Fertility, has recently analyzed the interaction between exercise and fertility. According to Klein, exercise can reduce stress and keep your cardiovascular system healthy, which are both positive contributors to getting pregnant. While he emphasizes that every person’s health history is different, he also warns that a recent study has discovered that working out excessively may negatively impact a person’s chances of getting pregnant. Exercising for more than four to five hours a week can cause hormone imbalances and affect menstrual cycles and ovulation. Whether you are trying to get pregnant or not, exercise can optimize your health, but if done in excessive amounts it could interfere with your reproductive health. Dr. Klein suggests talking to your provider if something in your current exercise routine seems to be affecting your health and altering your hormone balance.

For Further Reading:

If you want to find out more about the scientific research on the connection between exercising and fertility, you can check it out here on the US National Library of Medicine.


Discussion Question:

Have you ever pushed yourself to exercise too much and noticed negative changes in your health?


Action Item:

Think about your exercising habits. Are you working out enough? Or too much? Address your habits and adjust them according to what’s healthiest for you!


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