Dr. Rita Eichenstein and the Hidden Problem of ADHD in Girls


According to neuropsychologist Dr. Rita Eichenstein, girls have a harder time being diagnosed with ADHD as their symptoms tend to be quite internalized. Women with the disorder are usually only diagnosed later in life. Writer Kelsey Nelson shared her journey of misdiagnosis and frustration with the lack of awareness, knowledge, and resources for girls with ADHD. Nelson only received a diagnosis at 23 years old, explaining how her symptoms had often been dismissed or attributed to her anxiety. Dr. Eichenstein warned of the consequences of an undiagnosed disorder, which can lead to eating disorders, skin picking, disorganization, anxiety, and depression. There is a need for ADHD awareness in women so that more girls can receive the appropriate diagnosis and care.

For Further Reading

Girls who may be dealing with ADHD often present very different symptoms than boys do. If you want to know how to recognize ADHD symptoms specific to girls, you can check out this Healthline article.


Discussion Question

Have you ever seen women and girls with ADHD represented in mainstream media?


Action Item

If you want to make a difference for girls with ADHD you can check out this guide compiled by The Child Mind Institute.

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