Drag Queens: The Gods of Modern Beauty Trends


The new normal of beauty is one everyone recognizes: thick, ombré eyebrows, heavily contoured cheeks, blinding highlighter, and false lashes. What many, though, don’t recognize is that these trends have derived from the drag community. Before the onslaught of social media influencers, techniques like contouring and baking found their home in the dressing rooms of drag clubs. They were taught by word of mouth and used to transform into characters, yes, but for many queens was also a source of liberation. For decades, drag was a community that had to be sought out but is now in the mainstream media, largely due to the hit show, RuPaul’s Drag Race. While some might say the co-opting of drag makeup without proper regard is bad, ultimately it’s powerful wether given credit or not. Beauty is tied to what is normal and this new wave of beauty has allowed queer people to feel even more comfortable in society.

For Further Reading

Check out NikkieTutorials video where she pulls some ideas from drag, here

Discussion Question

Do you conform to these beauty trends? Did you know that they derived from drag? Consider and discuss.


Action Item

Despite the trend of makeup being influenced by drag, it is still incredibly difficult to be a drag queen in our current political state. Give your favorite drag queens who are working it as much support as possible on social media.


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