Encouraging Girls’ Education through Truck Art in Pakistan


Activist and documentary filmmaker Samar Minallah is rallying truck drivers in Pakistan to raise support for girls’ education through artwork. Minallah believes truck art can be useful to spread important information in rural areas of the country that may not exposed to charities and organizations that support girls’ education. She collaborated with Unesco, the Asian Development Bank, and truck workshop owner Hayat Khan to execute her vision. Since the genesis of the project, more and more trucks have signed on to help, and their vehicles now bear paintings of empowered young women with captions like, “send your daughters to school” and “education is the basic right of every girl.”

For Further Reading

Learn more about Samar Minallah’s work here.


Discussion Question

How effective do you think art is as a means for social impact?


Action Item

Samar Minallah uses social media to promote her work as an activist and often tweets about significant events in the realm of female empowerment. You can follow her on Twitter here.


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