Esperanza Spalding- The Face of Jazz Music Today


Navigating her way through a male-dominated industry, Esperanza Spalding continuously proves her power as a musical genius in the world of jazz music. Not only was she one of the youngest faculty members at Berklee College of Music at age 20, she also holds three Grammy Awards and five nominations. Every aspect of Spalding’s work proves her immense talent- from her insightful lyric and ability to play multiple instruments, to her fusion of jazz with various genres. Spalding challenges the norms in her industry by being a total original out to set her own path in her unique way.


For Further Reading:

To learn more about Esperanza Spalding’s incredible career, read more here. 


Discussion Question:

Who are artists and musicians you know of that have nontraditional paths and relied on their originality?


Action Item:

Support women musicians like Esperanza Spalding on Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming devices.


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