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Event Series Celebrates Inspiring Women In British Columbia


The University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) is hosting a series of events starting in November designed to celebrate women in the community. Titled Inspiring Women Among Us (IWAU), UNBC partnered with various other community groups, such as the city government and the public library, and brought together external and local speakers to discuss how support and listen to valued female community members. The events range from art workshops to networking sessions. There are also specifically themed days, such as Super Indigenous Day and Mentoring and Masculinity. Events such as this highlight all the things women do for their communities and promote positive conversation to support them in doing so, setting a good precedent for female empowerment.

For Further Reading:

Find the full catalogue of events here.


Discussion Question:

What is important for you to feel empowered as a woman in your community?


Action Item:

Tell a woman who you look up to you in your college, local, or social community how and why you value them to support inspiring women around you.


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