Exhibit Dedicated To Middle Eastern Women Artists


With 31 women artists from 12 countries, “I AM: Middle Eastern Women Artists and the Quest To Build Peace,” addresses common misconceptions of Middle Eastern women. While the artists all feature work in different mediums, they share a common goal in showing that women in their communities are influential in the contemporary art world. The exhibition aims at sharing personal stories of each artist, showcasing the strength and power they have, both personally and publicly. Mostly, it also proves that art is now a global discussion and an effective way to share narratives that are not commonly heard. The exhibition will run through October 10 at the Vanderbilt Fine Arts Gallery in Nashville, Tennessee.

For Further Reading:

For more information on the exhibit, visit the Vanderbilt Fine Arts Gallery website.

Discussion Question:

Do you believe there are any misconceptions of Middle Eastern women in your community? If so, how can you address them?


Action Item:

Seek out art that you connect to from women of backgrounds different from your own. See what inspires their work and what messages they are trying to convey. Also, challenge your own preconceived notions about Middle Eastern women in art and society.



Read more on Tennessean | Image: Maitha Demithan
Emirati, b. 1989
Mother, 2017
Edition of 3
39.4” x 31.5” framed
© Courtesy the artist