Facebook Group Promotes Female Freedom of Speech


Now more than 18,000 members strong, this online community has one aim: to create a space for femme-identifying people to speak freely. Members can only be added by an existing member, and no screenshots are allowed to travel outside of the private group. Discussion topics range from mundane make-up chats to more serious sexual assault support. Creator Alison Pool started the group because she knew “not every girl has a ‘safe place.’ Not everyone has a person they can get advice from, or know that no one is going to share what they said.” There are multiple threads and post discussions for specific topics, such as mental health or relationships, so users can find what they need quickly. The growth of groups such as these indicate how social media and online networks can provide vital female networks to those all over the world who may not have access to such support in real life.

For Further Reading:

Read more about how positive online communities can help foster healthy relationships here.


Discussion Question:

Do you contribute to any online female forums like this? Do you find them useful, or are they different to in-person female relationships?


Action Item:

Leave a comment or like on someone’s social media that you might ordinarily scroll past. Social media may carry too much weight in today’s world, but spreading positivity to acquaintances or more distant friends is an easy way to deepen female connections.


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