#FatatFashionWeek Highlights Fashion Week Diversity


According to a report issued by The Fashion Spot, only 0.4% of models who appear during Fashion Month are plus-size. But what about those in the audience? Contrary to what mainstream street-style photography shows you, the fashion industry is as body-diverse as the next business. This New York Fashion Week, plus-size blogger Kellie Brown launched #FatatFashionWeek to celebrate the “bigger women working in the industry…and looking great while doing it.” In just a few days, the hashtag grew into a bona fide micro-movement with over 200 posts to its name. The end goal? To put the idea that “no stylish fat women exist” to rest. 

For Further Reading:

There’s no doubt that diversity (or lack thereof) in all areas is one the fashion industry biggest pitfalls. Keep up on what progress is being made by reading the New York Times’ essay on the state of beauty diversity in fashion.


Discussion Question:

Do you think there is a lack of body diversity in fields outside of fashion/beauty? Where in your life do you see a lack of body representation?


Action Item:

#FatatFashionWeek is not the only body-positive hashtag sweeping the Internet. Plus-size blogger Katie Sturino is championing #MakeMySize, a call to action from mainstream fashion brands with limited sizing. Call out a few of your favorite brands—or brands you want to shop—with #MakeMySize on your own social accounts.



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