Fathers Push For Baby Changing Tables In Men’s Bathrooms


Pushing for gender equality often comes down to removing restrictive gender roles. Mothers are often constrained to being solely caregivers in the family, whilst men are the breadwinners. To fight such reductive stereotypes, we must promote active behavior to the contrary, such as providing the facilities for men to care for children just as much as women do. Having baby-changing facilities solely in women’s bathrooms not only places the responsibility for childcare in public fully on women, but it does not accommodate gay parents or single fathers. This campaign in North Carolina to provide space for men to change their babies is a step towards creating more equal gender roles for parents. This is a great example of how helping one gender find new spaces can help an entire community, as providing opportunities for men here can also provide better freedom for women.

For Further Reading

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Discussion Question

Do you find the traditional nuclear family model relatable or outdated?


Action Item

Think about the division of labour in your own family or household. Are there ways you could break down gender stereotypes for people in your own life?


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