Jameela Jamil Flaunts her Breast Stretch Marks


Jameela Jamil, star of NBC’s hit comedy, “The Good Place,” is not only a hilarious actress—she’s also an outspoken body-positivity activist. Jamil runs an Instagram account called @i_weight, which highlights people of all backgrounds and “weighs” them by their accomplishments and characteristics rather than by physical weight. On that account, Jamil recently posted a picture of herself on full display and totally unedited, proudly baring the stretch marks on her breasts. Jamil acknowledges that we all have stretch marks, and although popular media has brought a lot of attention to those on thighs and stomachs, breasts are a common area on which they appear that not enough people are talking about. Many women are unaware that breast stretch marks are normal, even on women with smaller bodies, and feel incredibly self conscious of theirs. Jamil is trying to bring awareness to their existence and urges women to see what a beautiful sign of life they really are.

For Further Reading

Still having a hard time embracing your stretch marks as they are? Maybe this article will change your mind.

Discussion Question

Stretch marks are common on both women and men, so why is this conversation most often in regards to female body acceptance? Are stretch marks already embraced on the male body? Or are we ignoring part of the conversation?

Action Item:

Next time you go to airbrush that photo you’re about to post online, rethink—wouldn’t it be cool to let people see the real, unedited, beautiful you? Every all-natural post inspires another one.

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