Female Afghan Entrepreneurs Defy Barriers


Naziya Basharmal was keen on starting her own tailoring business in the Kandahar province despite having only 800 dollars to start up her company two years prior. Her persistence kept her company alive amidst the conservative providence, pushing herself to go beyond gender barriers established in her community. After finding success in tailoring, Basharmal expanded her company to new heights. She established an army of 50 women tailoring clothes for customers, received almost two decades worth of income in two short years, and attended the National Women’s Entrepreneur Summit in Kabul. At this summit, women from all over gathered to speak about their struggles in start-up companies due to their gender. Basharmal regarded to Arab News, “You have to be confident when you take on this type of work. It looks tough at the beginning, but you’ll soon yield results…” Basharmal’s confidence and dedication to her craft made her a stand out attendee at the national summit, garnering strength from her inclusion of women workers.

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Discussion Question

In what ways can we encourage start-up companies from across the world? How do we reach them on a global scale?


Action Item

Reach out online to female-run companies across the globe to see how you can contribute to their businesses.



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