Female Collective and the Importance of Self-Care


Female Collective is an Instagram page and a website where intersectional feminism becomes a lifestyle. Candace Reels channeled her own unhappiness to create a space for empowerment and celebration of womanhood that focuses on self-care. Candace’s mission as a Black woman is to inspire and help women who feel unfulfilled and drained in a patriarchal society through fashion and self-care practices. She defines self-care as small, daily things that bring happiness and help people stay present in the moment. Self-care is important in preserving our energies and wellbeing as women in a sexist society. Spaces like the one Candace has created remind us how we can practice self-care while feeling a part of a community.


For Further Reading:

Check out Female Collective’s website and learn more about Candace’s mission.


Discussion Question:

Can you think of ways you can or do practice small acts of self-care in your daily life?


Action Item:

Try to find women-founded websites or organizations near you that create spaces for self-care and support them however you can. Self-Care Station and Recipes For Self Love are good places to start!



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