Female Construction Career Fair Smashes Gender Roles


The Northern Nevada Apprenticeship Coordinators Association holds an annual Women’s Construction Career Fair to help encourage women around the state into a job in the construction industry. The fair is a part of the National Apprenticeship week where young students come to experience hands-on tutorials of various job offerings. This part of the fair, though, offers virtual reality simulations, hands-on welding activities, and safety samples for participants to experience the different aspects of construction work. The industry provides good paying jobs with benefits but still ranks as one of the industries with the lowest female representation. Despite this, the association continues to encourage women in hopes of bringing those numbers up in the near future.

For Further Reading

To learn more about women in construction conferences, visit this website.


Discussion Question

What ways can associations across the country encourage women into fields in which they are underrepresented?


Action Item

Motivate your peers to attend career fairs for women in underrepresented fields by finding local ones near you!


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