‘Female Empowerment’ Brand Pays Half of the Average Wage

Beyoncé, a self-described feminist and one of the world’s most successful performers, has come under fire after it was rediscovered by many fans that the multi-millionaire’s ‘female empowerment’ label ‘Ivy Park’ employs impoverished labour in sweatshop-like conditions. The brand, touted by feminist blogs as “championing the collective strength of women all over the world”, first came under scrutiny in 2016 when a report by The Sun revealed the very un-empowering conditions many women producing the clothing work in. Many of the garments are made by impoverished Sri Lankan women from remote rural areas making only £4.30 a day across 60-hour weeks. One sewing machine operator told The Sun she cannot survive on her £87 a month wage, just over half the Sri Lankan average.

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