Female Friendships Help Sexual Wellbeing


A new study from the International Journal of Sexual Health reveals that women who communicate openly about sex with their female friends often have higher levels of sexual self-efficacy and self-esteem. This means that they tend to practice safer sex, using protection more often and taking regular STI tests, and were more confident in saying what they wanted in the bedroom. The survey covered 617 American women and was led by Katrina L. Pariera of George Washington University. Although revealing health positives to open communication about sex, the research also showed that those who discussed sex with friends often also had some skewed notions on sexual norms. Pariera suggests that this shows there are both positives and negatives to more open discussions: “We need a better understanding of the risks and benefits of sexual communication so that we can do a better job of teaching important communication skills to people.” Ultimately, the breaking down of sexual taboos makes it easier to form closer bonds with your friends, partners, and indeed your own body.

For Further Reading:

Take a look at the full research study here.


Discussion Question:

Would you feel confident discussing sexual topics with a close female friend?


Action Item:

If you have a sexual health or wellbeing worry or question, try bringing it up with your friend. They may well have had a similar experience and be able to help you, and you may even develop a closer relationship with them.


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