Female Kavanaugh Prosecutor Said to Have Tough Time in Trial


Rachel Mitchell, chief of the Special Victims Division in Phoenix, was appointed to question Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford about the sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh. Mitchell is regarded as an unbiased prosecutor, not an activist, who favors no side of the debate, making her judgement extremely evidence-based. A fellow attorney regarded that she is “rare” in the justice world because of her commitment to bringing justice to victims and to rightful accusal. The state’s defense attorney, David Michael Cantor, warned Star Tribune about the backlash that could stem from such an unbiased approach. He fears that if she does not make Kavanaugh “squirm,” her reputation in the sex crimes department will be tarnished. Cantor has urged Mitchell to treat both sides equally not only to help her reputation, but also keep the trial fair and just. Her influence over the vital situation is being questioned by many men in her field because of the backlash she may face.

For Further Reading:

Click here to watch a video of Mitchell arguing the validity of Ford’s testimony.

Discussion Question:

Is it wrong for the attorney to assume that Mitchell’s reputation will be tarnished because of this investigation? Why or why not?  

Action Item:

Contact your local senators today to help stop the Kavanaugh nomination.  

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