Female Law Enforcement Numbers Increase Substantially


On National Police Woman day, female law enforcement officers celebrated a massive increase in the number of women in their workplace. Kristine Brownson, the first female police chief in Hortonville, Wisconsin, noted that 2012 was a turning point in the gender gap for women in law enforcement. She states that this transition of women into the force “made it a little bit easier” for other women interested in police work. Around eighteen percent of the officers in her local precinct are now women, a remarkable change from the originally male-dominated precinct.

For Further Reading:

To learn about the advantages and disadvantages of working as a police woman, read this article.

Discussion Question:

The movement of women into male-dominated careers is happening rapidly. What other fields are seeing an influx of women? Why do you think these fields are becoming more diverse?


Action Item:

Encourage your local police women by reading up on their accomplishments and spreading the word to friends through conversation or via sharing articles on social media.



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