Female Lawmakers in New Zealand Recreate Iconic Women’s Suffrage Photo


To celebrate the anniversary of women’s suffrage in New Zealand, female Parliament members recreated an iconic picture of MPs, originally taken in 1905. This new picture was meant to showcase the expansive progress that female politicians have made in New Zealand. The tiny country made history as the first nation to bring forth women’s suffrage and ranks higher than the global average in female parliament members (22.1%). Internationally, female participation in politics has doubled in the last two decades, according to a 2016 study by the Inter-Parliamentary Union. But despite the immense progress that women have made in New Zealand, many national governments are still dominated by men.

For Further Reading:

Read about how women have been making exponential progress in government on a global scale in this Huffington Post article.


Discussion Question:

Why do you believe it’s important for women to be represented in government?


Action Item:

In your local community, identify five methods that women have taken to progress in government. Try to think of certain organizations and policies that have positively affected women in your city or town. If you can’t think if any, try to see where your community is lacking and understand what you can do to fix the issue.   


Read more on Washington Post|  Image: Nick Perry/AP

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