Female Leaders Break Boundaries in the Construction Industry


The Guardian recently highlighted successful women in the construction industry. In interviews, the women noted that the construction sector of the workforce is becoming more female friendly, as uniforms become more accommodating and leaders encourage more women to pursue the career path. Women in STEM and engineering roles have been going to schools to talk to young women about the culture shift in construction and how they can get involved. These women believe it is important for the younger generation not to fear going into the industry because of social constructs surrounding the job. One woman, Dimitra Koutsi, noted that she wants young women to understand the satisfaction of the job and how they can impact people's lives. She said that construction changes people’s quality of life and that pride exudes from this type of labor.

Action Item

Start supporting female-run construction businesses by encouraging friends and family to lease or buy at their complexes!


The creation of Rosie the Riveter during World War II led to a wave of women wanting to join male-dominated fields. What would be a good promotional character to help young women feel empowered today? Do we have one already?

Further Reading

To learn more about women in construction, visit the The National Association for Women in Construction webpage here!


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