Female Networking Groups Are A Powerful Tool


Leadership coach Homaira Kabir discusses the benefits of female networking groups and why women often benefit from networking groups more than men do. She describes them as safe spaces for women to develop working relationships away from male interference. Kabir describes women as “naturally wired to be relational,” thereby creating a strong need for female friendships in the workplace. She points to confidence, goal-building, and wider range of opportunities as just a few of the benefits of having a space to create real and healthy working relationships. Women can sometimes be forced into competing with one another due to the lack of women in many industries, yet Kabir’s perspective focuses on the positives of professional female relationships and why we should value them.

For Further Reading

Take Homaira Kabir’s confidence quiz as an introduction into her work.


Discussion Question

Do you find it easier to network with women or men, on a professional basis or perhaps in school classes? Why do you think that is?


Action Item

Think of a few women who you know and respect in your current network and work on developing professional relationships with them as well as personal ones.


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