Female Scholars and Engineers Talk About the Struggles of Family Life


At a conference in Hong Kong, 50 female scholars from around the world gathered to speak about oppression in their career paths. The male-dominated engineering industry is reaching out to interested young women in hopes of encouraging them to pursue careers in the field. The conference focused on helping young women succeed in any male-dominated industry related to engineering. Many women came forward with stories about their career paths and how being married or having a family were main concerns from their personal mentors. The conference secured that six top ranked universities would pledge to diversify their programs and also hold themselves accountable for the retention rate of women in these specific majors.

Action Item

Have open conversation with any of your peers seeking PhDs to encourage them on the path to success.


How do young women hold universities accountable for keeping to their diversity pledges?

Further Reading

View video footage of the conference at the link here.


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